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Our goal is to teach and help one student, one employee, and one citizen at a time build a better financial future. It gives students the financial literacy introduction currently missing from our school systems. It reduces the probability of dropping out of school. We provide basic fundamental financial literacy knowledge of many concepts of the complex worlds of money, credit, and finance. The ‘STFF HOPE PROCESS’ is like a financial education ‘Head Start Program class to move them to Adulting or the next phase of life financial responsibility and managing their hard-earned incomes. Simply raising their financial literacy IQ, will allow them to make better financial decisions saving them tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime. Having the knowledge of how to repay their student loans when deciding if they should go to college will definitely encourage many more students to pursue a college education. Our Solution is an excellent and necessary complementary financial course to supplement their trade, academic, and or college education.

It's the financial 'missing link' needed to complete the Educational System's curriculum to prepare students for the next financial stage of their life. It provides them with basic financial knowledge and life skill tools to responsibly manage all the money they will earn from their professions. Simply having the knowledge to make better financial decisions ensures a much brighter secure financial future. Some states have started providing financial literacy books to every high school graduating student. This book course would be an excellent Graduation 'Gift' for every student in every state.

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The NFEC conducted a survey that concluded financial illiteracy costs 254 million American adults over $436 billion annually. We must find a way to help put this money back into their pockets for their financial success and grow the economy. Statistics state that 69% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, more than likely because they have a lack of or inadequate financial literacy knowledge. In these challenging times inflation, high credit card debt, and
shrink-flation people are really struggling financially. American credit card debt has reached over $1.13 trillion and $120 billion in interest and fee payments. This creates enormous amounts of financial stress in their lives and causes many health concerns.

Only 57% of Americans have basic financial literacy and over 60% are living paycheck to paycheck. The 'STFF HOPE PROCESS' can provide them with a means to avoid being included in these statistics. Along with the education it offers them many road maps and clear paths to financial success without experiencing the financial pitfalls many college graduates have experienced especially repaying student loans. Raising the financial literacy intelligence quotient along with salary raises is also an excellent resource to help teachers, teacher’s assistants, and support staff better manage their incomes as well. It provides them with financial literacy knowledge and life skill tools to better plan, budget, and manage their money, credit, and finances. Increased financial knowledge will directly increase their overall purchasing power, in essence allowing their wages to go buy more.

The 'STFF HOPE PROCESS' is the most cost-effective investment solution, with a huge upside in Return On Investment for the students, teachers, and society than other options. They will be able to build, ‘Paths to Homeownership and Self-Sufficiency’. It offers them the 'Gift' of increased financial literacy for building much more secure financial futures. So, let's complete our student's formal education and prepare them for a successful financial future as well. Let's take the final step and make the investment to put them on the path to self-sufficiency and financial success. Please join us in 'Raising American Students' Financial Literacy Intelligence Quotient or IQ'.