It's your investment in the 'STFF HOPE PROCESS' that will uplift, provide 'HOPE', and provide numerous other benefits for all those exposed to this 'Out of Box' Solution. It actually allows governments and employers to cultivate more financially literate citizens, employees, and students giving them the ‘Keys’ to financial success. It provides the ‘HOPE’ they need to inspire, motivate, and encourage themselves to take part in the responsibility for their situation and change their lives. This shows that you really care about their well-being, work-life balance, and becoming financially successful in life. Simply because they deserve it, they desperately need it, they are worth it, and are challenged to succeed without it.

The ‘STFF HOPE PROCESS’ is like a ‘Head Start Program’ for financial education to prepare them to move into Adulting or the next phase of life, financial responsibility. An increased financial literacy IQ encourages proactive positive changes in their spending behavior to maintain good credit and teaches and empowers them to increase the purchasing power of their income. The plethora of ‘Food for Thought’ suggestions, recommendations, strategies, and solutions offered throughout this book course to avoid the many financial pitfalls in life is like giving them an enormous tax-free raise. It provides them with road maps and clear paths to navigate their finances and achieve their dreams and financial success.

Here are some of the many benefits of the STFF HOPE PROCESS'.

  • Raises Americans' Financial Literacy Intelligence Quotient, IQ.                  
  • Builds Bridges of 'HOPE' and provides road maps to build a better future.   
  • Provides them with the financial life skill tools to achieve their dreams.      
  • Cultivates more financially literate citizens, employees, and students.       
  • Provides clients with the knowledge to make better financial decisions.     
  • Teaches how to maintain a good to excellent credit score.
  • A good credit score rewards them with a lifetime of lower interest rates. 
  • Put tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars back into their pockets.     
  • Encourages them to proactively change to pursue their dreams.   
  • Provides life plans, road maps, and clear paths to financial success.
  • Provides the foundation for Homeownership and Entrepreneurship.          
  • Enables sustainable tools for savings, retirement, and building wealth.         
  • Cultivates future taxpaying citizens and stronger communities.   
  • Reduces the need to increase the Debt Ceiling and Social Services.         
  • Reduces employee turnover, and increases retention, morale, and profits.
  • Provides a unique work-life balance that increases employee morale. 
  • Reduces food, housing, and other financial insecurities.       
  • Nurtures and guides our Youth to 'dream big' and achieve their goals.     
  • Reduces crime & recidivism and prison populations and prison costs.     
  • Starts the cycle toward financial freedom and generational wealth.
  • Begins the War to break the cycle to 'End Generational Poverty'.


Together we can build a better stronger better America by investing in raising the financial literacy and intelligence quotient of all Americans.

Investing in people is always a good investment and it's a win-win proposition for everyone.