Charitable Foundations

The NFEC conducted a survey that concluded financial illiteracy costs 254 million American adults over $436 billion annually. We must find a way to help them put this money back into their pockets to ensure their future financial success and to grow the economy. Statistics state that only 57% of Americans have basic financial literacy and 69% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. In these challenging times inflation, high credit card debt, and shrink-flation people are really struggling financially. American credit card debt has reached over $1.13 trillion and $120 billion in interest and fee payments. This creates enormous amounts of financial stress in their lives and causes many health concerns. over 60% are living paycheck to paycheck. We must change these statistics if we want to uplift those Americans in Underserved communities.

There are many philanthropic opportunities and applications to gift this basic financial literacy course to help those Americans who desperately need it to exponentially increase their financial knowledge. This is a huge opportunity to invest in people who have been Underserved to uplift and provide them with ‘HOPE' and encourage them to follow their goals and dreams. It shows them how much others care about their futures and want them to succeed in life. It will allow your Foundations to help hundreds to thousands if not millions of people in 'Underserved' communities by providing them with road maps and clear paths to changing their lives and building a better financial future. It significantly increases their probability of becoming homeowners and achieving economic equity. At the same time, it reduces the probability of them having future housing, food, and financial insecurities. It also allows them to envision themselves as successful taxpayers in the future, so let's put them on the path to self-sufficiency and financial success.

It's a priceless 'Gift' choice for those who want to help uplift large groups of people in need of an increased financial IQ to make better financial decisions. It's the "Gift' of increased financial literacy that will allow them to change their lives and keep on giving over their lifetime. It's a 'Gift' that keeps on giving and they can share with and pass on to future generations. In addition to all you are currently doing, It also allows your Philanthropic Foundation to uplift entire families and the communities in which they reside.

Please consider an investment in the 'STFF HOPE PROCESS' to help your fellow Americans build bridges of 'HOPE' and achieve their dreams.