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The NFEC conducted a survey that concluded financial illiteracy costs 254 million American adults over $436 billion annually. We must find a way to help put this money back into their pockets for their financial success and grow the economy. Statistics state that 69% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, more
than likely because they have a lack of or inadequate financial literacy knowledge. In these challenging times inflation, high credit card debt, and shrink-flation people are really struggling financially. American credit card debt has reached over $1.13 trillion and $120 billion in interest and fee payments. This creates enormous amounts of financial stress in their lives and causes many health concerns, with only 57% of Americans having basic financial literacy. Our 'STFF HOPE PROCESS' can provide your congregation, parishioners, minyans, worshipers, and flocks with a means to increase their financial literacy intelligence quotient, IQ. By increasing their financial literacy knowledge, it teaches them how to best manage their money, credit, and finances to increase their overall purchasing power. This new financial knowledge is like giving them a well-deserved tax-free pay increase.

It provides them with a plethora of over seventy-two ‘Food for Thought’ suggestions, recommendations, and solutions on planning, budgeting, and savings. These solutions focus on teaching you how to fish so you can eat every day, rather than just giving you one meal now and then. This book course will teach and show you how to save and put tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in higher interest payments back into your pockets. It shows and illustrates how to easily save enough money for a down payment to purchase a house and pay off debt and student loans. Homeownership is the foundation for building financial security, and wealth and preparing for an enjoyable retirement with sufficient savings.

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It also shows them how planning, budgeting, sacrificing, and living within their means, they will be able to save money and have a more joyous life. Following these suggestions will provide many opportunities to accumulate savings, therefore having the ability to increase their commitment to tithing and supporting other Church activities and programs.

Whether there's an increase in tithing, outreach programs, or community services your Church will have a healthier, happier, and more charitable with a better work-life balance group of worshipers.

It will also reduce the probability of them having future housing, food, and financial insecurities. It is an excellent resource to add to your Church’s marriage counseling services, teen & youth mentoring, and community outreach programs. It will help build financially stronger church members, citizens, and communities.