About Us

We are a forward-thinking company striving to change the current Paradigm of how we help those in financial need cope with constantly increasing prices and inflation. We couldn't accept the fact that people have no other options except living paycheck to paycheck. They’re never able to pay all their bills on time, save money, and always seem to be behind the financial 'Eight-ball'. We saw this as an opportunity to solve the systemic problem of why people continue to struggle financially to no fault of their own. We believe the glass is always half-full and all life’s experiences, whether good or bad, represent an opportunity to build wisdom and strengthen our character.

Our philosophy is that - Wisdom is the accumulation of knowledge, life experiences, consequences, and lessons learned by being honest with ourselves. Wisdom is intangible. Wealth is the accumulation of good financial decisions, savings, assets, and investments. Wealth is tangible. Wisdom is a form of Mental Wealth a.k.a. "A Wealth of Knowledge". When Knowledge and Wisdom are used together wisely, they will give you the Power to create Wealth. Wisdom and Wealth can be simultaneously obtained by investing in increasing their financial literacy IQ.

The ‘STFF HOPE PROCESS' which means ‘Soaring Toward Financial Freedom – Helping Others Prosper thru Education – Provides Real Opportunities to Create and Empower Savings and Success. It provides them with many strategic ways to achieve both Wisdom and Wealth as they journey through life. Wisdom is an intangible asset you will have forever. However, Wealth is a tangible asset you can maintain forever with Wisdom, without 'Financial Wisdom' wealth is finite and can be lost. 

An investment in raising their financial literacy will allow every American to have a fair and equal opportunity to achieve their American Dreams. We believe it is their 'Right' under the 14th Amendment to be educated, taught, and prepared using all available resources to pursue their dreams. We feel that our current educational system doesn’t teach the basic financial literacy information they need so desperately to be financially successful. The financial journey of Adulting requires a sufficient knowledge of money, credit, and financial management skills that most folks have to currently learn from the ‘School of Hard Knocks’ and by trial and error. Most people are trying a little of this and some of that hoping they get it right throughout their entire lives and they never get it right and are failing miserably. This is truly not the way to go nor is it a good financial plan if you have goals and dreams and want to achieve long-term financial security. People don't plan to fail; they simply fail to plan.

Our Solution is a rare opportunity to educate Americans about the world of money, credit, and finance. Increasing their financial literacy knowledge is that needle-in-a-haystack opportunity they have been seeking all of their lives to help them navigate through the maze of money, credit, and finance. It provides them with the HOPE of a way out of their current situations, and they can envision a better financial future. It's that bridge of 'HOPE' over ‘troubled financial’ waters to leave their current stressful lives behind and start a clear path to homeownership and a financially secure future.

Unlike Stimulus checks, increased wages, and bonuses our Solution is based on the simple principle of the ‘Old Chinese Proverb’, “If you give a man a meal, he will eat for that day. If you teach him to fish, he will eat for a lifetime”. Our forward-thinking ‘Out of the Box’ approach and teaches them financial life skill tools so that “they can fish for all their future meals by making better financial decisions. They will also pay it forward by teaching others how to fish as well. Allowing them to pass on the knowledge of self-sufficiency for generations to come”. Success is contagious and needs to be shared with others. It teaches financial life skill tools folks desperately need and it’s a ‘Gift’ that keeps on giving over a lifetime which they can share with others without losing any of its value. The beauty of this ‘Gift’ knowledge is the more they share this ‘Gift’ the more it empowers you and them.


It's time to think outside the box, change the Paradigm, and stop giving folks meals over and over again. It's time to make an investment in their future and teach them how to fish so they can get their own financial rewards. This can only be accomplished by increasing their financial literacy IQ, which would be like teaching them how to fish to have an abundance of food is exactly like giving them the knowledge to build a better financial future. Their increased financial literacy IQ will allow them to make better financial decisions, therefore, fewer people with food, housing, and economic insecurities and less need for governmental assistance, etc.


Our Thanks:

Thank you in advance for your interest and for considering making an investment in your citizens, employees, and students utilizing our ‘The STFF HOPE PROCESS' solution. This investment will help them to navigate and build a better financial future simply because they desperately need it, they deserve it, they are worth it, and they cannot become financially successful without it. Please join us in 'Raising Americans' Financial Literacy Intelligence Quotient, IQ'. It's a win-win proposition for all.                                                            

If you have questions or need additional information, please fill out the Contact Tab information box. If you would like to proceed, review, and evaluate the entire ’STFF HOPE PROCESS’ for yourself, you can order a copy(s) of ‘Soaring Toward Financial Freedom’ for your Executive Management Team. Please be sure to include the contact person’s name and email address.           

Please indicate if you’re working within a specific timeframe or deadline. I’m sure you will find many ‘Food for Thought’ suggestions, strategies, and solutions you may not have ever considered yourself.   info@4-iinc.com

So, take the ‘STFF HOPE PROCESS’ Challenge because
Investing in Your Citizens, Employees and Students is an Investment in
Our Country’s Future