Athletes' & Celebrities' Foundations

This is a perfect option for professional athletes and entertainers who want to give back much more to their community than an occasional holiday giveaway dinner, winter coat, or school supplies. It offers you a powerful investment opportunity to uplift people and assist them and their entire families, friends, and communities. Once you've read 'Soaring Toward Financial Freedom', you'll agree it provides a unique charitable venue for you to give back and pay it forward. You can simultaneously help, and uplift hundreds to tens of thousands of people from the community you grew up in. It offers your Foundations a means to achieve its goals to give 'HOPE' and uplift ‘Underserved’ communities with a huge opportunity to forever change their lives and help them build a better financial future. When it's implemented as a family project, it has the power to uplift entire families simultaneously. It will reduce the probability of their family members having future housing, food, and financial insecurities.

The NFEC conducted a survey that concluded financial illiteracy costs 254 million American adults over $436 billion annually. We must find a way to help put this money back into their pockets for their financial success. Only 57% of Americans have basic financial literacy and over 60% are living paycheck to paycheck. The 'STFF HOPE PROCESS' can provide them a means to avoid being included in these statistics. Increasing their financial literacy offers them many road maps and clear paths to financial success without experiencing the pitfalls they have become accustomed to seeing most of their family, friends, and community struggle through.

It’s a wonderful way of ‘Paying It Forward’ that allows you to reach back and provide those from the community you grew up with a way out of their current financially challenging situations. Now, you can give them a 'Gift' that keeps on giving, your ‘Gift’ can permanently change the lives of large numbers of people. They are desperately trying to achieve their dreams just as you did and they need it, they deserve it, they are worth it, and they are challenged to succeed without it.

It also offers all the same benefits mentioned in the Youth Groups Tab with your personal added touch as someone they look up to and want to emulate. Our youth are our future leaders, they are worth any investment that ensures their future success. Let's make the investment in our youth so they have financial literacy knowledge and life skill tools to pursue and achieve their dreams.

The 'STFF HOPE PROCESS' is a cost-effective investment solution with a huge Return On Investment for both your friends and the community than any other thing you could do. It offers them the 'Gift' of increased financial literacy for building much more secure financial futures. It's a 'Gift' that keeps on giving over their entire life and can begin the end of generational poverty. This is an investment in uplifting an entire community. So, let's put them on the path of self-sufficiency and financial success. So, please join us in 'Raising Americans' Financial Literacy Intelligence Quotient, or IQ'.