Penal Systems

There are over 2 million people incarcerated in the U.S., with 600,000 inmates released annually and many inmates returning to prison within three years as repeat offenders. The statistics state that 44% of inmates released from prison return within the first year and 70% return to prison within three years. We must find a way to drastically reduce the recidivism rate and give released inmates the best possible opportunities to successfully reentry into society.

Our goal is to teach and help one released inmate, one parolee, and one inmate at a time build a better financial future. Investing in the 'STFF HOPE PROCESS' can significantly reduce the number of citizens who end up going to prison initially. It can also reduce the rate of recidivism for released inmates and your long-term annual prison expenses. With current annual prison cost per inmate is anywhere from $10,000 to $86,000 per year depending on the geographic location. It would save the taxpayer hundreds of millions to tens of billions of dollars in prison housing costs. These saved funds could be repurposed for other anti-violence and positive youth programs.

When our solution is introduced to inmates upon entering prison or implemented two years before an inmate's release date, it gives and increases the inmate's 'HOPE' and vision of succeeding when they are released. Implementation of our solution before the inmate's release allows them to develop a long-term achievable action plan for a much easier integration back into society with far fewer complications and lower recidivism rates. It's an excellent resource for youths in Juvenile Detention Centers, parolees, and probationers putting them on the right path to success. It shows them how important it is to have the financial knowledge and life skill tools to plan, budget, and manage their money, obtain credit, and earn the ability to borrow money.

This significantly reduces the probability of them falling back into their 'old ways' which caused them to be incarcerated initially. Hence the reduction in recidivism, prison housing costs, and a rehabilitated taxpaying member of society. Why not use the 'STFF HOPE PROCESS' to provide them with the best second chance opportunity to reach their full potential and become productive citizens? Our neighborhoods and communities will be much better because of it.

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It allows re-entrees to feel included in society's future plans and once implemented it provides them with immediate measurable feedback to stay on course to financial success. It gives them the ‘HOPE’ they need to inspire, motivate, and encourage them to change their lives. ‘The STFF HOPE PROCESS’ is like a financial educational ‘Head Start Program’ class to move them toward reentry into society. The clear path to success options shown give them a road map and ‘key’ direction to a quicker acclamation to freedom and to become productive tax-paying citizens. Providing it to inmates upon entering prison can accelerate their rehabilitation efforts and give them the ‘HOPE’ of having a productive life when released. It's an excellent resource to give those sentenced to probation a way to get their lives on the right track. So, let's make an investment to put them on the path to self-sufficiency and financial success.

The 'STFF HOPE PROCESS' is a cost-effective investment solution for far less than you think, with a much larger Return On Investment in both the inmates and society than any other thing you could do. It offers them the 'Gift' of increased financial literacy for building much more secure financial futures.

It has the potential to reduce your overall prison population, and annual prison costs saving the taxpayers millions of dollars in incarceration costs. Then there are the potential collateral benefits of the reduction in crimes and other costs associated with the penal system. Let’s provide your inmate population with the best available resources to rehabilitate them, giving them the best chance to succeed. Any investment in education is a good investment. So, let's prepare them with the best chance of succeeding, please join us in 'Raising Americans' Financial Literacy Intelligence Quotient, IQ'.